Census Interactive

Here’s an exceptional interactive on the Census.

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the hardest, how easy or hard were the questions for you?

Leave your answer on the comments section, and write a complete sentence.

33 Responses to “Census Interactive”

  1.   wandee Says:

    NP BC I Dont Can Do It

  2.   kengyang Says:

    i give the number 3 because is not good and not easy…

  3.   wandee Says:

    Kuv Hlub Koj

    it’s not that hard cus if you read it over and over agian like times over it’s not hard you have good remenmirizer ^^

    ****^^ :( :)

    please DO leave some GOod comment plz
    if you read this

  4.   ka Says:

    I give 2 because it not that hard to answer all the question.

  5.   vang Says:

    I will choose 2 because It is not hard to answer the questions.

  6.   tri Says:

    I give 4 because some question to hard for me I can’t understand?

  7.   Truong Says:

    I give three because some questions difficult for me. I can’t do it.

  8.   wandee Says:

    is very ugly pretty easy ^^ if you need help go to this web http://larryferlazzo.com/

  9.   kou Says:

    i like it and i know how people live in the Census……
    Also, some question was hard and some was easy but i enjoy it……

  10.   cheng xiong Says:

    I give 5 to this form because it is hard I don’t understand some word.

  11.   suey Says:

    i give 1 because all those it very easy mannnn udo u guy thingk like me huh?

  12.   deissy Says:

    i give a 3… because its a little bit easier and a little bit harder,
    there some easy questions!! and there are some hard! :)

  13.   laura Says:

    i give a 3 because the questions are not too hard but not too easy

  14.   luis Says:

    All that question are easy

  15.   juan Says:

    i give you 3 for the questions :)

  16.   kia Says:

    I think it is kinda hart but it easy too.

  17.   ger Says:

    I give this form a 4 because it kinda hard.

  18.   corintia Says:

    i think the question are not so hard.

  19.   zang Says:

    The census is kinda hard to me but if i try hard i might know it.

  20.   wandee Says:

    is so freakin easy i get this “3 :)

  21.   lue Says:

    i give this 3 to this form because it kinda hard and it kind not easy to.

  22.   rue Says:

    the census is kinda hard to me but if i try i will know it.

  23.   toua Says:

    I give 3 because it hard to understand the question.

  24.   ong Says:

    i give 3 because that it is not hard to answer the question………..

  25.   Yeng Yang Says:

    I give 3 to this form because it kinda hard by some word that I don’t understand.

  26.   karen Says:

    ii tHiiNK DA QUEStiiONz ARE EASy…

  27.   neng Says:

    i get 3 question is little big easy but some question are hard.

  28.   changm Says:

    I put 1 because If you know how to answers the question is essay to you but if you don’t understand the question then you will don’t know the answer………me some just have a little hard just a little hard then i just put 1 it…….:):)

  29.   ze Says:

    i give it a 3 because it is not that hard or that easy to answer all the question.

  30.   pathy Says:

    i like this censis because it help me.some of it,is hard and some of is easy but i thinks the question help.

  31.   doua Says:

    some questions in the census are easy

  32.   rkai Says:

    all the question is to easy for me because i read all word everyday and i want to see and read the word is harder…

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