Explore these hyperlapse videos of the Fabulous Forties. You can use the “space” button to pause the video:

Map One

Map Two

Map Three

Use Bubblr to summarize your essay on gangs.

First slide: Title of your essay and your first name

Second slide: Thesis Statement

Third Slide: First Reason

Fourth Slide: Supporting Details For First Reason

Fifth Slide: Second Reason

Sixth Slide: Supporting Details For Second Reason

Seventh Slide: Third Reason

Eighth Slide: Supporting Details For Third Reason

Ninth Slide: Conclusion

Post the link in the comments section of this post.

Post the links to your PowerPoints about an African country in the comments section of this post.

Go to Authorstream.

Explore these sites:

Vocabulary Exercises for the Academic Word List

English Online

The Academic Word List at UoP

Try out FableLane

One of our sister classes in Spain has responded to our questions.

You can see all their videos here.

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