The Bill of Rights


Watch this movie about the Bill of Rights.

Play this game about the Bill of Rights.

Bill of Rights Match Game

The Bill of Rights Game

Life Without The Bill of Rights


Read these different rights. Identify words that are new to you.

Watch this video about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Watch this movie, too:


If you were going to start a country, which are the six most important rights you would include.  In the comments section write each one and explain why you would include it.


Spanish Video of U.N. Declaration of Human Rights

The Constitution

On Your Own

Watch this move about The U.S. Constitution.

Watch this movie about U.S. symbols.

Learn about the Branches of Government.

Here’s another movie about the branches of government.

Learn about Political Parties.

Watch Why Do People Need Governments?

Read What Is The Constitution?

Complete this cloze on the Constitution.

Correct these Constitution sentences.

Explore these Constitution activities.


Read this overview of the Constitution. If you think that is too easy for you, read this instead.


Watch this movie on Political Parties.

George Washington

On Your Own

Read and categorize this Data Set on George Washington.

Watch this movie about him and take both quizzes.

Here’s another movie about George Washington.

Read about George Washington’s Birthday.

Meet George Washington

Learn more about George Washington.

Discover The Real George Washington.

PEN 2922 The George Washington Timeline

More PowerPoint presentations from Editor Peachebooks

With A Partner

Copy and paste this Make and Break in the correct order in the comments section.

Benjamin Franklin


Copy and paste this Data Set about Benjamin Franklin in the comments section and categorize it.

Complete this cloze about Benjamin Franklin.

Learn more about Ben Franklin.

On Your Own

Watch and read these other resources about Franklin.  Please add at least eight more items to the categories in your data set.  It would be great if you could add even more!

Ben Franklin Movie (Please take both quizzes)
Ben Franklin Story Part One
Ben Franklin Story Part Two

Ben Franklin Again
Ben Franklin
More Ben Franklin

Even More Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin’s Experiments

Ben Franklin’s Private Life

Ben Franklin

PEN Benjamin Franklin Timeline 1706 1750

More PowerPoint presentations from Editor Peachebooks

A New Country Is Born

With the Class:

1. Have you ever done something that was not “fair” in order to get something you wanted. What was it?

2. Do you think what Washington did was fair to the British?

3. When is it important to be fair to others, and when is it not important? Why?

On Your Own

Watch this movie on the American Revolution. Please take both quizzes.

Watch this movie on The Declaration of Independence. Please take both quizzes.

Look at this famous painting about the signing of the Declaration of Independence and learn who is in the painting.

Complete this cloze about Thomas Jefferson.

Complete this cloze about the American Revolution.

With A Partner

Learn about the battles during the Revolutionary War.

Play The American Revolution Timeline Game with a partner.

Go to Class Zone. Click on Middle School, click on California and then click on Find Your Book. Next, click on American History. Then click on Animated History. Explore the animations.


Americans Fight For Freedom

On Your Own

Watch this movie about the Thirteen Colonies. If you do not go there directly after logging-in, find the movie under Social Studies. Please take both quizzes.

Watch the movie The Causes Of The American Revolution. If you do not go there directly after logging-in, find the movie under Social Studies. Please take both quizzes.

Complete this Timeline of early American History.

Watch this short video on The Struggle For North America.

Explore The Boston Tea Party.

Explore this American Revolution Timeline.

Here’s another American Revolution timeline.

Learn about battle tactics during the Revolution.

With A Partner

Read about the Boston Tea Party.

Correct these sentences.


Thirteen Colonies Movie

Is There Slavery Today?

With A Partner

Read Is There Still Slavery Today?

On Your Own

Go to The Best Resources For Learning About Human Trafficking Today. Look through the links there and take notes. Please write down in the comments section of this post the three most important things you’ve learned and why chose them.

Think of time you stopped doing something even though you wanted to keep on doing it. What was it, and what made you stop?

Now try to put yourself in the mind of an American colonist who had slaves hundreds of years ago.  Then try to put yourself in the mind of someone who has slaves today.

If you were one of them, what do you think would have to happen in order to make you stop having slaves and why?


Slavery In The Colonies

As a Class:

We’ll watch this movie clip from “Amistad”:

With A Partner

Read about Slaves in the Colonies. Use Bounce to show reading strategies

Watch this animation about the Slave Trade.

On Your Own

Watch several of these movies on slavery. Write down in the comments section the three most important things you learned from them.

Complete these clozes about slavery.

Try to put yourself in the mind of a slave.  Describe how you think you might feel.

We have now learned about slavery in the American colonies hundreds of years ago.

Do you think there might be slavery still going on today? Why or why not?

Second “Essential Question”

What does the word “freedom” mean to you?

Please answer the question in the comments section of this post.